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POPL 2015: 42nd ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages

Mumbai, India
January 11-18, 2015

Sponsorship Information

Why Sponsor POPL '15?

POPL is the premier foundational conference in programming languages and allied areas. Citeseer ranks it first among all CS conference (regardless of area) in "impact factor", based on citations. The key features of most modern programming languages and program productivity tools can trace their roots to ideas first published in POPL. Influential educators, researchers, and students make a point of attending POPL and its associated workshops every year. By supporting POPL, industrial/institutional sponsors publicly demonstrate their commitment to high quality research in an area critical to modern software engineering. A large percentage of POPL attendees are graduate students; we direct industrial/institutional funding primarily at subsidies for student fees and student-related events and activities.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Benefits

We welcome industrial/institutional POPL sponsorships in any amount. In all cases, your organization will be highlighted in all POPL publicity materials and the conference proceedings, with the level of prominence reflecting the funding amount. For sponsorships of $5000 or more, we will offer you a table or small booth in the conference common area where, if you wish, you can display publicity material, distribute handouts, talk to potential recruits, or demo software. Finally, we will offer one complimentary registration for sponsorships at the $5000 level, and an additional complimentary registration for each increment of $2000 above $5000. Other arrangements are possible as well based on your needs and interests. Please contact the general chair.


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